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266 The sun speeds south on the western horizon. Autumn equinox is near. Twenty or more chrysalises in the Monarch nursery still need to fly south. The hummingbirds are already gone A female Monarch who eclosed last. Read more →

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Hymn 266 SOLDIERS of Christ, arise, ... Hymn 938 THERE is a land of pure delight, ... Hymn 973 SUN of my soul! thou Saviour dear,

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Read Manga Online SOUL LAND CHAPTER 265.5 english free manganelo mangabat mangakakalot mangaowl mangafreak Oct 23, 2014 · A discussion of reincarnation and karma follows. The third and longest chapter of the work (74 pages) presents. In a vast panorama, the seven regions of the soul world, the seven regions of the land of spirits, and the soul's journey after death through these worlds. A brief discussion of the path to higher knowledge is found in the fifth chapter.