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Apr 12, 2003 · Epoxy primers vs sealer primers??? OK the reason you recieved different answers is because the jobbers are talking about two different paint lines. hok sells a kp 21 epoxy primer this stuff is good basically it serves two purposes good adhesion to metal and fills in scratches in fewer coats.

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ESP 155 - solvent based epoxy sealer primer tie coat ESP 155™ is a very thin, low viscosity, moisture tolerant, epoxy designed for priming and sealing. Use on wood, concrete and fiberglass to improve adhesion of urethanes, marine bottom paints, and epoxy floor paints. Two-pack primers are commonly used in the automotive repair industry and they are applied to vehicles for several different reasons. Because of their high solid content, two-pack primers are capable of producing a higher build which helps to achieve a flatter painting surface after it has been rubbed down.

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Nov 06, 2012 · Then a coat of primer over the epoxy.Do you think this will cover the OEM gold & red, gray primer well enough to start spraying base coat? One other question, I'm planing on spraying the door jams,inside of the doors & inner trunk lid with a 50/50 mix of base & clear,do I add the amount of activator for the amount of paint then for clear or the ... Nov 16, 2016 · The purpose of primer is relatively simple – it creates a barrier between your drywall and the wallpaper. You want the wallpaper to adhere to the thin coat of primer and not your drywall. If a wall has been painted, a primer can make it so the wallpaper is less likely to roll or have issues. Primer also serves to hide color.

Interior/Exterior Primer Sealer 3210-1200 White/3210-1300 Grey . Previously ICI Paints PREP & PRIME ® GRIPPER® MULTI-PURPOSE . Interior/Exterior Water-Based Primer Sealer Read Label and Material Safety Data Sheet Prior to Use. See other cautions on last page. DSF1-0690 CHARACTERISTIC: Epoxy primer is indeed epoxy based primer. It is almost impossible to sand and is just used as a base coat because of it's superb adhesion and the corrosion resistance it provides. Urethane primer is usually applied on top of the epoxy as a surfacer. Some do apply Epoxy as a sealer before painting. Nov 04, 2020 · Working as both a primer and sealer, the Epoxy Fast Dry 2.1 by Speedokote will make your priming job easier, faster, and cheaper. This versatile product comes with a base primer and a hardener, so you’ll have to mix the two contents in a 4:1 ratio for good results.