Mini 14 flash hider with bayonet lug

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Standard commercial variant of M16 w/ 20″ bbl and A1 flash hider, bayonet lug, early front sight, and standard A1 rear sight. It has black plastic triangle beaver tail forearm, pistol grip, and butt stock w/ trap door & black canvas sling.

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Flash Suppressor, FA, NM, M14 / M1A. ... Bayonet Lug: Quantity: *Always check for proper alignment when installing any muzzle device* Related Products: Flash ... M1A Flash hider Bayonet Lug. (Stainless) Front Sight M14 / M1A .072" Width ; Front Sight Screw, M14 / M1A (Order with sight.) Flash Suppressor Lock Nut, M14 / M1A (Stainless) Flash Suppressor Set Screw, M14 / M1A; Adapter can be ordered in two thread pitches 1/2 x 28 TPI for (223/5.56 Calibers) or 5/8 x 24 TPI for (7.62 x 39 calibers.)

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Mini 14 flash hider with bayonet lug. Both cheaper than dirt and gun have a pin on flash hider with the bayonet lug. Does anyone know if they are of the same manufacturer and quality? Or two different qualities and two different manufacturers? One costs more than the other but I want a quality product if it is really a better ...

The first rifle is NOT legal in NJ, because it has features that classify it as an "assault weapon" under NJ law (namely the flash suppressor & the bayonet lug under the gas block) An adjustable length stock would also push the rifle into the banned catagory. The second rifle is sold w/o the birdcage flash suppressor or bayonet lug. Shop for cheap price Mini 14 Dragunov Stock And Ruger Mini 14 Muzzle Brake Flash Hider .